Monday, May 10, 2010

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sunset for this Decade

Friday, December 18, 2009

Do You GET Seattle?

Seattle and the Northwest is simply perfect, right? Visitors (and some residents) may not think so at first. Maybe they simply do not GET Seattle! But, the important question for each and every one of us is:

"Do YOU get Seattle?"

In a series of videos we'll explore that notion. Jump in with your statements and suggestions, or simply, every week sign on and see if you can make the connections.

Here's how: In this video there are 24 pictures (two between every video shot). For this initial video, there are 12 single words that explain the connection between each of the paired pictures.

(The music is by The Helio Sequence, a Portland band with Seattle connections. Buy their music...they GET Seattle!)

Watch, take notes, rewatch and send me a comment listing your ideas. Call as many friends as you want for help. Send them the link and compete with them. First person to get all twelve will win a free tour and a little free publicity here. And be sure to keep following us from week to week as these puzzle videos will continue.

(BTW, some of the ANSWERS are contained in the post below, in case you don't fully get Seattle. ;-) )

Best Responses and Discussions:

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ANSWERS to Do You GET Seattle? 1.0

As the correct answers come in, I'll from time to time fill in the blanks:

1. Mollusks. Oysters on the half shell are a great treat at many restaurants throughout the city, but the most famous of the offerings is at Elliott's Oyster House on the waterfront where at 3 PM on every weekday, they offer them up for 50 cents each. Get there early as the price rises every 20 minutes. They have plenty though; they serve over 500 dozen each week!

Geoducks are the largest burrowing clams in the world - and one of the longest-living creatures in the Animal Kingdom. These fine specimens were dug during low tide on a local beach by the two gentlemen pictured who work for Tours Northwest. They GET geoducks (by digging furiously down 4-5 the sand), as well as Seattle.

2. Chocolate. Fran's Chocolate has a gorgeous mural of your granddaughter in her new store at First and Union. It's a picture of a mural made entirely of truffles! Interesting from afar, delectable when you walk in the door. Theo Chocolate is the only Organic, Fair Trade, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in the U.S. They give tours and they have the best retail store in the Northwest: piles and piles of chocolate to nibble on!





7. Music. Seattle has long been blessed with great music and musicians. Here's a current one, and a famous one from last century. Brandi Carlisle grew up south of Seattle, as did Jimi Hendrix.

8. Beer. Seattle is blessed more and more with breweries and their pubs. The first picture of the malt sack is from one of our newest: Fremont Brewery at Woodlawn and 34th. They have a great urban beer garden, and give tours. In fact, 1316 people signed up for their tour and souvenir glass when posted a special discount a few months ago. But there are many others: Hales, Elysian, Naked City, etc. (I know I am missing many; write a polite note and I'll put them in a future video!)

One of the oldest and most respected is Pike Brewing down in the lower levels of the Economy Market at Pike Place Market. The Naughty Nellie shown in the second picture alludes to one of Mercedes Yaeger's Market Ghost Tour's risque subjects who had a brothel in the LaSalle Hotel, above their location.

The young lady in the video was in The People's Pub, one of many fun places to imbibe on Ballard Avenue.

9.Bacon. Weighing in at 550 lbs., Rachel the pig is the giant piggy bank at the Pike Place Market, on the corner in front of Pike Place Fish. She not only raises money for the Market Foundation to fund the Market's social services, she also inspired the Pigs on Parade artsy porcine fundraiser throughout the city in 2001 and 2007.

Skillet Street Food appears throughout the city in their streamliner diner and is well known for their bacon jam.

12. Volunteer. Phil Smart is the ultimate volunteer in Seattle. Featured in the Seattle Times and on , 90 yr. old Phil is the longest-serving volunteer at Seattle Children's (and first male volunteer). His several published books funds his Endowment ofr Rehabilitation which now exceeds $1 million. He also sells cars at his dealership on Capitol Hill, of course.

The other picture is of the Water Tower at Volunteer Park, named for the volunteers tothe Spanish-American War in the late 1890's.

Still more answers to guess! Back to Video.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Greetings to our Hotel Partners

We are trying something new this year. We are sending out 400 Christmas cards, but including a red card in each directing them to "A More Vivid Holiday Greeting" on our website. We want more traffic and thought this would get it.